What is Mail Merge?

Mail merge is a method used to create multiple documents for mass mailing with little effort. The documents have identical layout, formatting, text, and graphics that are defined in a template. The final documents each have different personal information within them. The specific data for each document is provided in a data source that works with the template. The data source is typically an Excel or CSV file. The template is created once and then each individual document is created by pulling in data from the rows in the data source. The result is a batch of personalised documents.

Email merge is a mail merge where the documents are automatically emailed out to the specified email address(es) in the data source.

Broadgun Software provides software and services to perform mass emailing of personalized emails merges personalized PDF attachments.

How to perform a mail merge by email with PDF attachments

using Outlook or SMTP

Directions :

1. Create a template.

Using Word, PowerPoint, HTML or Excel create a template with the layout, formatting, text, and graphics that is common to all of the documents to be mailed.

Insert 'merge fields' as placeholders in the template where the personalized information for each document will be inserted.

2. Create a data source

Create or download an Excel or CSV file that has the data that will change for each document.

Each column is a merge field. Each row holds the data for a new document.

3. Create a profile in the pdfMachine merge software to link the template and the data source

4. Define the body of the email

Create a body with the layout, formatting and text that will be common to all emails. Insert merge fields as placeholders for the information that will be personal to each email.

5. Choose which email will be used to send the attachments

6. Test the result

7. Send the documents

How to perform a mail merge by email with PDF attachments

Video tutorial demonstrating how to use pdfMachine merge to perform a mail merge which sends batches of emails with personalized PDF attachments. Emails can be sent using Outlook or SMTP.